• The IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC) is a data and eCommerce standards development body, providing the industry with a venue to bring issues and needs for review and discussion. The purpose of the ISC is to develop and publish eCommerce and data standards to facilitate the efficient exchange of data throughout the supply chain. The ISC is Governed by a select group of 12 industry manufacturers and distributors from the US and Canada. They are responsible for evaluating needs/issues brought forth by the industry, and initiating development where needed. They are the final voting body for all efforts within the ISC. Supporting the ISC Governing body are three subcommittee working groups made up of technical subject matter experts who are responsible for the actual development and maintenance of the Data Governance and eCommerce Standards, Best Practices and Guidelines for use with IDEA’s services and within the industry between trading partners. See Calendar link above for meeting schedule.
  • The B2B Communications Subcommittee is responsible for the development of format standards for the electronic exchange of data and business documents between industry trading partners, and to/from the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), via Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), XML and Flat Files.
  • The Data Content & Quality Subcommittee is responsible for the maintenance of the IDW Product Database Descriptor (PDD) standard and the guidelines and best practices surrounding the data; what it should look like, how it should be used and what is considered quality of that data.
  • The Product Information Subcommittee is responsible for the maintenance of the Electrical Industry Attribute Schema that is used as a compliment to the IDW PDD data. They are also responsible for the development of guidelines and best practices surrounding global standards for product identification; E.g. Bar Codes, Global Trade Item Numbers, etc.